Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Big Day!!

We're going to have a big day!!! It is suppose to be hot, hot, hot!!! According to the weather man and his bank of computers, it should be 95oF. with a heat index of 105oF. We have decided that we should go out under the trees where I have cleared brush and mowed. It is so nice and cool there, especially when there is a breeze. So we will accumulate all of the scrap bits of lumber from around the place and build stuff.

First things on the list are camp style chairs. Mac is tired of sitting on upturned buckets. The sharp little edge puts a big dent in his butt. Having ever had chemo seems to give a person a delicate butt. However, after some time even the hardiest butt will not be able to tolerate the edges of a bucket bottom.

Once we have the chairs we will need a wee table. Mac says that if you don't have air conditioning then you should at least be able to sit under the trees in a comfortable chair, with a beer. And the beer has to be set someplace! It's good to have goals.

The other part of the "big day" is that yesterday the hay was mown!! WOOHOO!!! Today it will be raked and tedded and tomorrow, hopefully it will be baled. Just in time to avoid the rain on Saturday. That feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders!

Today I will also revel in some new found friends that I met yesterday. They are folks who are also involved in the Parelli organization. They have a really lovely little farm and they sponsor clinics. I asked if I could barter work for auditing clinics. They are going to give it some thought. It seems that just everybody goes to teach at their farm. I could learn soooo much and this could put me back on track with my horses.

All of a sudden, doors are opening for me. First the web page, the hay, new and incredibly helpful new friends, and a place to plunk down my butt at the end of the day. I'm absolutely gobsmacked..... and thankful.


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