Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Web Stuff

I e-mailed a person yesterday about helping me out with web stuff. I told him that I just need about three hours of hand holding. Could he please give me a price for three hours and I would need to to be able to have my little list of instructions for how to do updates, etc. when we were done. Simple enough, right?

I hope it works out.

I plan on breaking the site up into three pages. Of course the farm and all of the projects associated with that... building projects, crop development using permaculture principles, starting chickens,TREE HOUSES!! There are so many things I want to do and share with you in video format.

In order to pay for all of the stuff on the farm page, I will need a sale page. I have already developed a farm logo and will have a few hoodies and tees for sale because that's just kind of mandatory for a web site. There will also be some random bits of art work. One of a kind art quilts. Some garden art. Anything for a buck, I suppose.

Last but not least will be my horse page.... my sanity. Only when I am with my horses do I forget the madness of the last five years (the leukemia, the doctors, the hospitals and more) and I need for them to have their place. I want to be able to document my progress with them. It will be a journey not just of horsemanship but a journey that will calm my mind. We'll see how that goes.

It seems impossible that everything can be achieved through some ethereal piece of territory. I've been told that it can work. It can happen. Things COULD fall into place and work out. I could have a PRESENCE!

The best part is... when things really start working out, I could buy GROCERIES!! woohoo!!!


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