Saturday, January 15, 2011


As you all know, I made the decision to keep the ponies at home this winter instead of sending them to the neighbor guy's place. We did okay for quite awhile. The ground was clear and it was fairly easy to get all of my buckets, or the spare tank in the back of the truck and haul water out to the girls. Well, now we have a bit of snow on the ground (not bad, just about eight inches)and the water carting involves a plastic sled and five gallon buckets. Gave myself an asthma attack one day when it was colder and windier. Oh well, I live to tell the tale .... but a rescue inhaler would have been awesome that day!!

Anyway, I manage. It's hard work as their pasture is at the back of the thirty-eight acres but I need to see them everyday. They fill my eye. They sustain me.

So, each day starts with getting out the sled. Loading up the buckets. Getting out the hose. Hooking up the hose and filling the buckets. Draining the hose and laying it out so it won't freeze. Pulling the sled up the incline and across the ridge. Then on the downhill side, get out of the way and steer from the side cause it hurts pretty good if a loaded sled hits the back of your ankles. Okay, that doesn't sound like such a big deal but Mac says I'm starting to get my hourglass figure back. Okay, okay, it's a really freakin' huge hourglass!

All in all, I'm glad I kept the horses home this winter.


World Views

One of the things that has been the most enriching for me has been the friends that I have met through Parelli that are all over the world. Comforting to me that there is this common bond, community of spirit and that somehow there are people in other countries that I feel closer to then many that are within easy distance. Now that I am without internet, I realize how much strength and support these long distance friends provide to me.

The other day I wanted to let Marion know that I finished a children's story. Well, it's written. Just thumbnails done for the illustrations. I wanted to talk to Petra about some Parelli events. I wanted to talk to Sue about our road trip next fall. (We both know it is wishful thinking but we plan it anyway.) I also wanted to check out some train schedules to send to my friend in England.

So, I suppose that ultimately my world view is that what matters is folks caring about the same things.... no matter where they live. How I miss all of my "folks"!

Thinking of you...wish you were here.


Wish on an Eyelash

There is an old timey saying that if you find a fallen eyelash, place it on the back of your hand, slap the palm of your hand and if the eyelash flies away, your wish will come true. There's a problem though...... has anyone noticed that eyelashes look just like nose hairs?

I think that some where along the line, I have wished upon a nose hair. Instead of a wish come true it was a blight. I am blighted by a nose hair. That must be it. After all, I'm just too damn charming to have brought this all upon myself.

From now on, all body hair just goes in the trash!!! I'm not going to take anymore chances. Stupid hairs!!!