Wednesday, June 29, 2011


My computer is dying. Each day when I click it on, it takes longer to respond. It seems to lose it's way and has to be refreshed often. It leaves me with a sense of foreboding and even doom as I watch it slowly slip away.

Last year I had a line appear on the screen, running top to bottom. I was told that the mother board was going out and it could go at any time. Just in case we ran a screen scrubber program, which did no good. Before long the one line became three lines. But it just stayed there for a long time. Suddenly then it went to five lines, and again just maintained at that point. Lately the number of lines has been accumulating at an advanced rate. Yesterday I counted twenty.

While I sit and figure farm math I also figure in the cost of another computer. No matter how I run the numbers, it doesn't look like I can afford a new computer. I thought about contacting Apple and seeing if they had special offers for middle aged, lunatic, farmer women. It's a special category that doesn't get a lot of acknowledgment in society. Probably a lot of paperwork.

Until it gasps it's last, I shall work on some video... some little vignettes of the farm. I'll hopefully also post some video of the horses, the home made hummingbird feeder, scouting out walnut trees. So much to do.....please....DON'T DIE!!!!

If it can just hold out another year.... just one more year.


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