Friday, June 3, 2011

I'm nice, right?

Okay, it's like this ....I think I'm a nice person. I try to be a pleasant person... a fun person.... an interesting person, and when Mac and I go to bed at night, sometimes, after a bad day, I ask him to tell me something nice about me.

He thinks. Sometimes he thinks so long that he just falls asleep. For a long time he just fell into the habit of saying, "I love you". beause he figured it was nice enough and would get him off the hook.

Well, it's not enough.

On that terrible, horrible day, for a few minutes, I want it to be about me... just me, and that I didn't deserve to have that terrible, horrible day. I don't expect compliments. If I were to be compared to a movie star... I'd be compared to Kathy Bates, not Angelina Jolie, but that doesn't change that I want to hear something nice once in awhile. It would be nice to be told that I am kind or thoughtful or even to be told that I plant tomatoes in a competent manner.

I've decided that it isn't going to happen. This is a hurdle that Mac can't jump. The approval department is going to have to be self contained. I suppose this is just another one of those "man" things.

I can do this though.....'cause, I'm nice, right?



  1. yes you are nice and fabulous and caring and inventive and interesting. i´m sure it´s a man thing. shawn is the same.

  2. Well, what can I say.... it's such a relief to know that other women are in the same boat. And feeling that way really is a dark side to my character! Ha!