Friday, June 10, 2011

I like Bawdy

I realize that liking bawdy isn't the socially conscience way to go in this era of the religious right. But I LIKE bawdy and I DON'T like the religious right. Bawdy is infectious, happy and a reflection of the human condition. It is honest. I very much appreciate honest.

Nope, couldn't make it as a puritan..... they're just soo unhappy.

Spring has come and almost gone. Summer has already started breathing it's hot breathe over us and nature is in full regalia. How can you grab a handful of earth and not feel alive? How can you not feel the energy pour into you.. making you feel happy, healthy and even , of course, horny.

Bawdy makes us admit what we are and makes us laugh about it. How could you not like that!? And sometimes when we go through a bad patch in life, we come through the ordeal holding on tighter then ever. We come out stronger, earthier, lustier and ... unapologetic.

Others may not appreciate the new coarseness in my nature, but I like bawdy just fine.


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