Thursday, June 23, 2011

Money makes the Farm go 'round....

I'm having one of those days where I feel like no matter what I try, I'm hitting a wall. It just keeps coming back to money.

I want to work on my fireplace and out door oven. I have most of the supplies but what I don't have is the money to get the firebrick and the mortar and some portland.

I especially need to be working on fencing. I continue to work on cutting my own posts out of hedge. It is slow going as I am using a small pruning type saw. While I am making progress, the thing that cuts even slower then hedge is wet hedge, and it has been raining everyday recently. We found a small chain saw that Mac feels confident I won't kill myself with. Unfortunately, it costs money too. Even when I get the posts in, there is the debate on whether I should use woven wire, twisted wire or panels.... all of which cost money.

I really want to work on the hobbit house. I have everything I need there except, some fireplace trim, the door and once again, portland.

I was looking at some of the Olde English Babydoll Southdown Sheep and found a farm where I would like to reserve. Ewes are running at $500.-$525. So, need I say more.

I need to order my hazelnuts, my grape vine slips, my mushroom spawn........

I need to hire someone to come out and chip some dead elm.

I'm very close with projects that need finishing up in the house. If I could get several sheets of plywood and some wood flooring. *If* being the key word here.

So much just waiting for the hay to be cut and baled and sold. But it just keeps raining. Not only raining but the temperatures last night got down to 51o F. Too cold for the plants in the garden to set blossom I need to catch a break. Just four days of sun and no rain and we could really start to make the farm happen. A break.... just a small break.



  1. i know the solution for your moneyproblem, sit down and write a book! i´ll just keep bugging you until you´ll do it! did you read susan richards book - saddled, choosen by a horse and chosen forever? i think saddled is the one she writes about how she started her writing career. you should read them i think you would like them. you are so gifted with your words it would be a waste of your talent if you wouldn´t.
    it´s 1.30 am here now and i really should go to bed. i had to stay late at work because of one patient being in trouble. midsummer in sweden tomorrow which is a bigger holiday here than christmas.
    glad midsommer to you louie and your family louie, hug your horses from me!

  2. I have red "Chosen by a Horse" and just saw last week that Susan had a follow up book. I had never heard of the first book. I'll see if the library has it.

    Thanks for the push, Marion. Be warned, you will have to KEEP pushing! Happy solstice back at ya'