Friday, June 24, 2011


There's sun out there! How exciting is that!? I can't wait to get out there. Can't wait to revel in that golden glow! I have to dance in the sun today, because tomorrow the thunderstorms are suppose to be back.

Now that it is finally here, I'm having trouble remembering just what I wanted to do out there. What ever it is ... it'll feel wonderful. We will have to take advantage of every minute of it. We'll have to grill out tonight for sure. I want to mow.

It feels like the rain has gone on for forever, which makes the sun that much more of a blessing.

I had told Mac that I would ride into town with him today. I wonder if I could stand him up? When you have been married as long as we have been, it surely isn't a tragic event, right?

We won't have enough sun to make hay, but enough, I hope, to recharge my batteries, to get the creative processes going again, Maybe burn some more brush and get all of the bad stuff sweated out of my system. I've been letting myself get depressed again, but a good douse of sun will make that go away.

I can't seem to hold a thought today.... I need to get out there. So this would just be a good place for you to close your eyes, think of your happy place and recall the voice of George Harrison singing softly, "Little Darlin', it's been a long ,cold, lonely winter.. Little Darlin' seems like years since it's been here......


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