Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What a beautiful day!!!

Finally! It is beautiful outside. Not a cloud in the sky! Bright and dazzling. It is a blue, blue, azure sky. The plan for today is to mow and rake grass for the horses. Then I'll continue scouting out additional walnut trees. But the most exciting part will be to start taking pictures FOR THE WEB PAGE!!!!

I am so jazzed!

I can't believe it but the quest for a web page began around five years ago. Really tried hard to get it rolling again two years ago. But now it looks like things are going to fall into place. Who knew things could fall into place?! With luck I have run into my last wall.

The goal is to have everything running Saturday and we should have the blog linked as well. We should have a wee bit of video shortly after. I'll be taking copious amounts of notes so that I will have my instructions to upgrade, edit, download and all of that kind of stuff. If I become competent at this, then we will have a much better blog as well.

My friend, Petra, had offered her help. We had a terrible time just trying to isolate all of the components and get them in order to send off to Petra. We were unsuccessful. But she kept encouraging me. I thank her for that, because there were times when I was ready to just give up. And I thought that if I can't get something as simple as a little web page going, then how can I achieve anything? To be honest, there are two things I can't deal with being a failure at..... making the little farm profitable and being a good horse person. Ah! don't laugh! to be a really good horse person, you have to change and control intrinsic parts of your nature. Not an easy task!

But for today, I am reveling in what will be. It is SUCH a beautiful day out and there isn't a cloud in the sky!!


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