Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Search for the Perfect Farm

Everything that I try.....every idea I research.... every dream I chase, results in one thing... the perfect farm. A harmonious blend, an example of permaculture and animal husbandry that doesn't have to be wrenched from the ground, like traditional agriculture, but rather, gently nudged.

It can't be too labor intensive, because I am the labor force ( aka chief cook and bottle washer) It can't be too dependent on equipment. And for my own well-being it must also be as peaceful and joyful as it is productive.

I keep looking at livestock. I've been researching. I THINK I know what I want. I keep getting drawn in by Olde English Babydoll Southdown sheep. They are placid and they clump well when moving them to the point that you really don't need to even have a dog for them. They are the darlings of the vineyard owner as they do not eat the vines. Their wool is a far better grade then most sheeps' wool putting it into the same range as cashmere. They are easy lambers. They are small, which does not make them attractive to big producers, but it means that I should be able to grab them and tip them up on their butts when I need to.

Whatever I choose, it will have to fit in to this place.... this perfect place. I have had people come for a visit and inevitably they stand in the drive. They turn and face the trees and feel the breeze on their faces and say, "This is so nice here." I think that is my true commodity... that feeling of peace that pervades this land.

I suppose I don't have to search for the perfect farm. I just have to keep this one perfect.


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