Friday, July 1, 2011

I need PBS.

I was thinking again.... and I decided that I need my own PBS show. I can do educational TV! I'm nothing if not educational. Then I would get stuff done. I would be funded! and maybe even a salary! How cool would that be?!

I have so much to teach people. The traditional oven would take several episodes, but I want to do a sculpted clay oven as well. The hobbit house would take at least five episodes. Tree planting would take an episode. Starting chickens would take another one. Building different styles of fencing could go on for awhile, God knows. Actually there could be helpful suggestions for digging post holes in 90o weather in clay soil. There would be some bloopers in that one!! Gardening would be ongoing, of course.

The real drawback would be having me as the host. Imagine, if you will, crossing Kathy Bates with Professor McGonagal and that person having enough beers that they feel comfortable sharing their opinion, no matter what it is. Not that I really drink... I just believe in letting loose. Granted I would probably only have a cult following. That's okay. It would rank me up there with all of the other PBS shows.

I could do this! Not only do I think I need PBS, I'm starting to think PBS needs me too! Don't act surprised by this.... you all know I'm a bit self delusional. Who isn't?


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