Monday, June 6, 2011

I Soooo Screwed Up!

This weekend I made a gamble. Two of my daughters and I went to a small town festival to have a sales booth for craft items. We are in a recession so we were very mindful of prices. We were trying very hard to be mindful of the marketplace. The girls make recycled items..... notebooks, journals sketchbooks etc out of old Golden books or textbooks. Some turn out really cool. I had home made craft patterns and kits. The girls ended up with about five sales and I had none.

Now the real problem is that I spent about seventy dollars on supplies after I had ran out of what I needed. I could live with the life lesson if it hadn't cost me seventy hard won dollars. Crap!!

In order to make myself feel better... which took about a day and a half... I bought myself a solar clothes dryer, also known as a clothes line rope. I had been stewing over buying and setting proper clothes line posts. But with my current loses, decided to just use the posts that I had up for fencing. There is no fence and it is mostly tee posts but there is now a clothes line running through the tee post covers. We'll try to not use the electric dryer for the summer.

We are also trying to not use the air conditioner. The temptation is certainly there. It will be ninety degrees F. today. We'll see how long we hold out.

We look at the outdoor kitchen with renewed ambition. It will just make the house too hot to cook inside. We are back to the dilemma of needing money for some concrete to make solid bases and footings.... I so screwed up.

My thoughts also turn again to the outdoors solar shower.

In a little while I will get the push mower and start mowing under the trees. That is the one place where it stays cool. So I shall make it a pleasant place to retreat to for when the day gets too hot to bear.

Then I shall put on my thinking cap and try to figure out what else I can do to make up for squandering the much needed money. The part that makes me feel the worse is that we were told at Dr. Hiatt's office that they may choose to not see Mac if money doesn't get sent toward that bill. If I had sold out at the craft sale, I could have put a couple of hundred on that debt.

So, I gambled and I lost. Now I have to find ways to make up for it.


P.S. You can look at the girls' stuff if you go to etsy... an online marketplace and then do a search for a shop called potterabout

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