Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Day of Rest

Yesterday was a big day. We got up early..... okay, moderately early and packed up and took off to see a friend, and we helped him put a couple of windows into his older home. I was feeling confident. We can do this!!! The guys didn't seem quite so confident. Realizing this, I did make sure I watched a window segment with Tommy Silva from a rerun on This Old House.

Yes, I told them... We're good... We can do this.... Trust me. (They don't really trust me. They may act like it, but they don't)

When we got there, our friend had printed off two different sets of instructions. To be honest this is where a little doubt in myself creeped in. But we were in for the long haul! Thought we would have a mutiny when there was a great deal of talk about lunch. But I just kept telling them, "We work while we've got weather!" Good thing too, We had a two and a half hour lunch during a thunderstorm around two in the afternoon.

The guys figured we would need two days. A day per window. I thought we could get it done in one. We just kept at it. One task at a time, one prep at a time. Work around the rain and pick up as you go. It was about 8:30 at night when the last screw went into the last flange hole. The trimming still needs to be done, but the windows are in and the weather is out.

The three of us ate supper late and Mac and I got home a little after one in the morning. Today is our day of rest. Much needed by all three of us. But our friend is worth it.... worth more. When Mac was going through the stem cell transplant, this was the friend that filled in the gaps.

Our friend has talked a little bit about having a "tiny house" cabin to live in down here. That would be great! The tiny houses are as small as 8x12 and,,,,, they don't have very many windows!!!


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