Thursday, June 16, 2011

This land is your land.....

We were watching a show the other night featuring some songwriters. They finished up the show with all joining in on the song "This Land is Your Land" The last verse they sang was one I had never heard before and it reminded me that this tune was not some patriotic ditty. This tune sprung from the want of the great depression. It was about the value of the little man. It was about how no matter how down and out you appeared, you were more then a part of this country. Even though you had no home, this country belonged to YOU!

Written by Woody Guthrie, this tune was a protest anthem. Later, it became the theme for Pete Seeger as the House Committee for UnAmerican Activities did it's best to ruin his life.

I think every great advancement in this country has been borne of a populist movement, whether it was for our very independence to women's rights, the unions, civil rights, all started with folks standing together and stating their minds.... and singing.

Right now I see people standing together just to hand everything over to huge conglomerate, multi-national corporations and it makes me feel sick inside. It never works to take from folks and to give to a thing even if you do it under the false guise of morality.

Anyway, these are the things I think about while I'm out sawing fence posts with a pruning saw and wondering how strong my grip is going to have to be to hang on here. One thing I know for sure... Enron and Halliburton aren't going to be there for me.



  1. I love that song Louie! You remind me very much of my bf Shawn. I think you two would have a lot to talk about. How is it going with your horses? Are you still a member of the Parelli club?

  2. Yes!! Still with Parelli. Have to say that without the friends I made via Parelli, I could not make it. My membership is up in July. I want to get the $199. raised and pay my dues annually.

    I have been trying so hard to get other stuff done that I hate to admit that the horses have not gotten the attention. So much of what I'm trying to accomplish is for them yet that is what keeps me too busy. Bugger!