Thursday, June 9, 2011

Fortune Cookie Says.... again

We couldn't really afford it. Bit of a splurge, really. But it was so hot. We were just going to get out of the heat so off we went to the chinese buffet.

I have my preferences. I always start with crab rangoon and the hot and sour soup. Then try to find the hottest dishes. Though there are never hot dishes on small town chinese buffets. Actually, I don't think there are hot dishes on a large town chinese buffet either. I digress.... I usually settle for the pork with mushroom. Then finish with tapioca and the fried donut, which isn't really a donut, is it? It's a fried tube biscuit. Besides some family always comes in and the kids clean out the fried donuts and I end up with just tapioca, which isn't really chinese. Hmm, interesting.

As you know the best part, my favorite part, is the fortune cookie. And this time the fortune cookie said, "You are vigorous in words and action". Not exactly a glimpse into the future, is it? But, I think it is true. Now what do I do with it? How could I make this work for me?

Suggestions will be accepted.



  1. I have finished my kids book. It is short, kind of like "Pat the Bunny" length. A bedtime book. Need to get the illustrations done. then I am going the budget route and printing at Office Depot. Can't seem to calm my mind enough to get any serious work done. Suddenly this spring each goal has taken on so much more weight. All of my safety nets have been fallen through My margin of error just doesn't exist and it makes it very hard to function.