Monday, June 20, 2011

Man! Did it rain!

We have been getting rain almost daily. Usually enough to keep us from making hay. Last night though, it wasn't a small rain. The skies opened. The lightening was impressive. It was flashing so close together that the sky had times when it just stayed bright white.

I'll go out in a bit and check my garden and see if anything got broken up from the wind and the heavy rain. Spend some calm time weeding.... maybe take my coffee cup with me. Unwind and breathe deeply.

Todays big garden chore is to plant sweet corn and pickling cukes. Such a cool, late spring that everyone's gardens are likewise going in late. At least I got the long season stuff in earlier, just the short season stuff that is left. The green house came so close to being finished last fall. So efforts in that direction will be renewed. It's permanent site will be prepped. Then the eight 2x4s that will make the roof and then the plastic. We will have greens this next winter!

I need to cut grass by hand for the horses today. They have about grazed their pasture dry. They weren't suppose to still be there. The hay was suppose to be cut and the cleared ground was suppose to have gotten new fence and the grazing was suppose to be rotational by now. Oh well, best laid plans....

Right now the wind has picked up. It'll help dry things out. It will also bring in the next storm front, because today, it is once again, going to rain. Maybe later this week I can resume my plans. I need to get back to it. I need to see a task completed.



  1. dear louie, i´m kind in a hurry right now so just a few quick lines. childrenbook - sounds good, but seriously, you can do much better than that!! i know you are busy with your farm but i truly believe you would be great success as a writer. if you don´t get the money together for the membership i can put you on mine, no problem. just sent me an email and i send you the username and password.

  2. i mean the parelli membership of course, but i´m sure you understood theat ;)

  3. I think about it sometimes.... writing a book that is. then I tell myself, how can I compete with Suzanne Sommers thighs or Charlie Sheen's tiger blood... Just who do I think I am anyway! Must be a syndrome of some kind.

    Keep believing in me Marion and maybe I'll be able to pull it off.