Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I Don't Understand.....

I don't understand men. Listening to some tunes last night and to be honest, everything that I heard just seemed confusing to me. As it happened, all the songs were by men, and most were about agonizing over women in some way. They told of how some man would climb mountains ( they're always climbing mountains!) or in one case straighten the course of the Rio Grande or cross the world for the love of a woman. Why would they say such things?! They don't mean it. As soon as they are post-coitus, the desire to conquer a mountain has totally disappeared! Typically it has been replaced by snoring or possibly with, " Honey, if you don't mind I'm going to go downstairs and flip on the TV for a bit".

How is it that the getting what they want tends to make them want something else? I just don't understand.

Then women seem to be the other way. They'll win over a man with the extreme effort of.... baking a cake! They may not be promising as much but at least there is follow through. Then in most cases, at least in the cases where a man really "takes", a metamorphosis begins. Complexities develop. Seed is set. She roots into an environment and mingles with it. She sets shoots and roots and twining vines and pulls up sustenance from the earth. She strengthens.

And I don't understand that either..... that's just flippin' weird! True, but flippin' weird.


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