Friday, June 25, 2010


Yesterday was a bad day. It had started out in a typical fashion. It was even productive. But it is amazing how quickly things can go south.

I have to say how fortunate I am that when things go so badly, that I have a horse to turn to. So as the day was winding down and the air was turning cool, I headed toward the pasture. There was Pip. My plan had been to grab a bucket and sit by the fence and spill my tale of woe to my favorite "bartender". That wasn't going to be enough. I walked around the fence and Pip was with me every step, every corner. She hovered, in the way, as I released the bottom strand and ducked under the gate. Then I rubbed my hands over her face and down her neck and over her wither. The butt and I are still cautious friends so I just walked closely there and called it good.

I had committed a cardinal sin and had come into the pasture with inadequate footwear. Generic crocks are great and I love shoes that can be hosed off but I don't think they will stand up to Pip's hooves. I walked to her big plastic barrel and her nose was practically on my shoulder blade the whole time. I stopped and she stopped. I thought, "I wonder if she would follow a back up?" So, I started to slowly back up. No, she didn't back up with me, but in stead, as I moved back she wrapped her big ol' head and neck around. I moved forward again and she unwrapped from me. I started back again slowly and as I moved back I reached out and tapped her chest lightly as I went. She didn't understand and I lost her. She walked away to graze. I gave her a moment, then walked up beside her. I dipped in a little closer at her shoulder and scooped her up, so to speak and she was back with me. We walked along and got to her stump. I tried to think of something creative and brilliant there but she saw I was coming up short. She went back to grazing.

I almost left the pasture , but the birds were lively, the sky was beautiful and I couldn't bear the idea of going back into the house. I decided my evening's first option was probably best. I went to the barrel , knocked it over and had myself a seat.

Pip couldn't handle being ignored so she was soon all over me. She seems to have this thing for sniffing every inch of a person. It's kind of un-nerving. A bit like visiting a friend with one of those small, horny dogs and you don't feel at home enough to kick it. Once the sniffing was done she introduced her teeth in the smallest way and I used my fingers to do a little bitey action on her nose. She sulked. which is funny because she really does have a large lower lip. Then she decided she wanted scratched. So, the scratching began. You cannot really sit down and scratch a horse, especially when you hit the right spot and the ecstasy begins. I stood up. I was working my way down her neck. She stepped over hard and pushed into the scratch, knocking me back a step. I pushed against her shoulder to get her to move her foot back. I was pushing pretty hard by the time she finally pulled her foot back. The pressure stopped, I sighed loudly and gave her a smile. The scratching resumed. A moment later the wayward hoof returned and we went back to pushing the shoulder. The hoof moved immediately. End of pressure, big sigh, smile and return to scratching. It usually just takes twice for her to get it. She is so smart!

After I had covered everything from the barrel forward, I thought it was time to call it a day. Pip had other ideas. As I turned to leave she swung her ass around to me. When you see an ass of that size coming at you, it's good to know whether or not it's a "friendly". I watched the feet, which stayed on the ground and away from me... way away from me. Her feet were at safe distance and she was leaning her butt as close to me as she could get it. I really don't know how she kept from falling down. While I am laughing I scratch her sweet spot, around the tail head. She gets a little on her toes. No small feat in this position! She squats slightly. She stretches out her neck and gets camel lips. My day is gone and for a little bit, I know that my amazing digits and I are loved.

The sad thing was that I had to go back into the house. But I am so glad that I have a horse.


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