Saturday, June 26, 2010


I need some things here on the little farm. No surprise there , eh? But just the other day one of my neighbors came tooling by the back of the property. We took a little time and visited. John is a busy fellow and thinks he might be downscaling his horses soon. He also has some fence panels laying around that he isn't using. He will loan them to me.

I was so surprised ... and glad! Fence panels aren't cheap and he might as well have said, "Here, I have some gold laying around. Why don't you use this gold for now." "Yes, I would love the use of your panels", I answered.

I have not often been a victim of generosity. It leaves me speechless. Well, almost speechless, I usually keep some spare words for such moments. But the last few years of my life have been .... incredibly strange. My neighbors, my Parelli friends, my kids, I have an embarassing wealth of generosity of spirit.

And my children will be glad to know that we are down to about three chores that I need assistance on. Then they are off the hook. I think that their generosity of spirit is getting a little tired.


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