Thursday, June 17, 2010

More Rain

This morning I woke up and looked out my bedroom window and saw blue skies! Laid there for a moment and thought I heard that pitter-pitter sound of a shower.. I went to the window and sure enough, I could see the rain hitting the ground. So got on a jacket and off I went to investigate. There was sunshine all around us but directly over us was a menacing black cloud and it was raining. I went ahead and fed the horses and I continued to watch the cloud. Despite the fact that the wind was coming directly out of the east, the cloud slunk off to the north and settled over another house and barn. We apparently have a neighbor as evil and in need of punishment as we are. Rain!! God's version of Chinese water torture.

In the meantime... I have pumped out the garage trenches for the sixth time this spring. SIX!!! I tried shoveling some dirt back in but with all the rain even the clay up on the banks is incredibly wet and heavy to handle. It's exhausting work and I don't last long at it. I was wishing that I could call Bob up and have him back fill the trench, but I just don't have the money. Of course, having heavy equipment on the property is heady business and the temptation is great and the next thing you know... "Bob, I have a rock sticking out of the yard that I can't get with my shovel..." and "Bob, could you move this dirt pile?".... and "Bob, could you take this bump out of the driveway?" I tell you, it feels almost magical having equipment on the property and you see things get done! Well, If the rain continues, I will need that kind of intercession. I don't know how I'll get it, but I'll need it!

FYI, pto powered post hole diggers are magic too.

But for now, the birds are heading back out to the front yard. The weatherman says the real storms won't start until tonight, so we will go and try to appreciate every moment.


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