Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fortune Cookie says......

I love fortune cookies!! They are like lotto tickets. They are tiny bits of transient pleasure that inspire hope and keep us going for a bit longer. I save my fortunes. I don't think I have ever had one actually "happen" but I'm patient. I think my favorite fortune cookie was one I received about twenty years ago. It sticks in my mind... obviously. The fortune said, "You will be the next one in your place of business to be promoted." I got laid off that week. That's okay. It was a foundry and I think the only way up was out. So, maybe that one was right.

I have a small stack of fortunes telling me that I will be a success. That I have creative Ideas that will turn the tide. I have special abilities that will see me through. Oddly enough, most of my fortunes seem to be business related. I wonder if that is normal? I only recall one about my love life and it told me that I would soon meet my soul mate. Considering that I was already married and had three kids, I kind of thought that one could be trouble. I saved it anyway.

I'm looking at a fortune on my desk that says,"This year your highest priority will be your family" Got that one right after Mac's leukemia recurred.

Yesterday, we made a trip to Des Moines for an extra blood test. In total defiance of financial responsibility, we went to the China Garden for lunch. Mac loves their pho soup. I ate looking forward to the fortune cookie. The tough decision is always which one to take. Which one is destined to be yours? I usually take the one farthest away from me. Yesterday I had to take the one that was closest and no, I don't know why I did. My fortune read, "Appreciate every moment, especially this week" To be honest, it kind of scares me. It didn't help that I put the fortune in my pocket to save it and when I got home it was gone. I realize that I probably pulled it out when getting my keys out of my pocket but it just makes it feel that much more weird and eerie. I am fully aware that any given day can change your life forever, but to have it written down and brought to my table gave it additional weight.

This weeks goal is to appreciate every moment and I will try to not cringe too much as the days tick off. You never know with fortune cookies.


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