Friday, June 18, 2010

The to-do- list revisited

I had a plan going into summer. You all know how good I am at planning! It seemed like a good plan. I was going to put Mac on a plane and send him away to a visit with his brother and while he was gone I would get a butt load of work done. Sounds simple. As per usual, it didn't work out. Expected money didn't come. The Dr. scheduled an extra visit. My plan fell apart like a sand castle in high tide.

So what I am left with is a to-do list of herculean proportions. Part of the reason is that I wanted to get all the tasks done that cause Mac to say," Well, why do ya' want to do that?" Which is shortly followed by, "Have you given any thought to what you want to make for lunch?" I just do not get anything done when he is around. I really love him, but I tend to trip over him.

The to-do list is mocking me. I read over it's contents and I can hear a quiet, throaty mwa-hahahaha. Getting the outdoor kitchen closer to completion could actually take the entire two weeks of Mac's contemplated vacation. I don't want to be dissuaded. I know that somehow in someway I could get SOMETHING done!

I could burn the to-do list.... but that would be murder. Besides I WANT to get that stuff done. It would make me feel all bubbly, giddy inside. I would feel like such a truly competent person if I could get something FINISHED! I get all happy inside just thinking about it.

Just so you can feel my pain, here is the to-do list for Mac's vacation....
paint front door
get arbor up
block work on hobbit house
garage slab poured ( I have no money for this but I thought it needed to be on the list anyway)
wardrobes built and installed in bedroom
double bed built in upstairs
Outdoor kitchen
1)fireplace and grill
2)gas grill wall
3)bread oven
4)finish roof structure
finish flooring detail downstairs
kitchen shelves
oven cabinet constructed
dining room countertop
30 minutes of horse work daily (each horse)
living room window seat (constructed, stained and the seat covered)
finish upstairs flooring
build shed... move contents of closet to shed
install coat hooks on stair landing
make a picture frame for the Stubbs horse print
finish building the electric fireplace surround

There were a couple of other things that I wanted to get on the list but I thought I had better just stop there for now. I don't know... maybe I'll still get the coat hooks up. Well, damnit anyway.


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