Thursday, June 10, 2010


I had an opportunity to visit with a group of bloggers yesterday. It was kind of fun and it was interesting. I learned stuff. But it kind of made me wonder. How many are there!!? You can't go anywhere without running into people that blog. And what do we do? We, that is to say bloggers, are probably as socially necessary as , say, mimes. I have always believed that if there was anything that the world needed less of it was war, famine and mimes. And why are mimes in the backgrounds of all the romantic comedies filmed in New York? Why can't they do something useful.... like rat catcher?! Or maybe pick up some garbage?

Speaking of socially useful... Oprah Winfrey is having try outs for talk show hosts. Hhmmm, a talk show host. I could do that. I know how to talk and i know two jokes! And Oprah has money so I would like get paid and that would be handy. Actually, I'm thinking about it. There are some problems though. I don't have access to a video camera to do the 3 minute try out. That, and I couldn't do a talk show there. And the "there" that was specified was L.A. I would have to do it here. This is where my life force comes from.

It could be interesting though. It would give the stars some new opportunities. A bit of an outing. I could take Robin Williams down to the woods and let him run off some steam and climb some trees. Arnold Schwartszenegger? well, I'd put that boy to work lifting some hay bales. I just know that Merryl Streep can weed! George Clooney could help put in some fence, but he'd have to take off his shirt and wear lots and lots of shiny sunscreen. Hell! He wouldn't even have to talk!

But then I would only be as socially useful as a talk show host. I suppose it's bad enough that I'm a blogger. What can I say?... thank God I'm not a mime!



  1. Ha Ha are very funny. I loved it!
    You sound just like me. Maybe I could be your co-host! Don't worry....I'm no mime! I

  2. Now we just have to sell Oprah on our team!