Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Well, the internet/satellite repair dude made it out this morning. With any luck, I will actually be able to get on and post when I choose. Such luxury!!! My schedule has been thrown into disarray with not knowing when I can get on. Most days I am up between five and six in the morning. I spend an hour or so here and check my e-mail, make coffee, plan my day, make my list, scare myself with my list and am out as the dew is getting dry.

That hasn't been the case for over a week or more. Too much rain and the rain seemed to be killing the satellite dish for the computer. Don't feel like I can accomplish anything. My mind is bogged down with what should have been accomplished, and hasn't been. On top of that my train seems to be off it's track and my thoughts are scattered.

It's after nine and I have just come in from carrying water to the horses. I chased a couple of deer. Okay "chase" probably isn't accurate anymore. We'll just say that I defined my territory to them. Then I stood with Pip for awhile and watched the sun drop behind the tree line. Moments that are suppose to be sublimely peaceful. Instead I thought, this is what it is all about, this is why I want to be here, which brought me right back around to ... here are all the things I have to do to make sure the little farm is safe.

Then I am thinking about drains, rocks, garbage, gas for lawnmowers, fence, money, money, money... I make myself crazy, really I do. But tomorrow is another day. Hopefully I will know my mind and have a grasp of the plan. We'll see.


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