Thursday, June 3, 2010


Years and years ago I read an article in the newspaper. It was a question to a columnist. A woman had gone to a ladies luncheon... back in the day when there were ladies luncheons. And at the end dessert was served. Dessert on this day was fresh peaches served with cream. The woman received her serving of peaches and cream and after she had taken a bite she noticed in the bowl off to the side, a small worm. You know, the little inch worm looking kind that invade fruits. She didn't know what to do. She didn't want to cause a scene with the other ladies. So she quietly ate her peaches and avoided the area with the visitor.

So her question to the columnist was, how do you handle a situation like that? What should she have done? The columnist replied that the woman certainly didn't need manner lessons from her. The woman couldn't have behaved in a more mannerly, kinder fashion. She caused discomfort to no one.... and she didn't eat the worm!

This woman , who I have never known, has become a standard for me. Yesterday at the doctor's, things were mainly on keel. There is a pesky problem with the kidneys. His number is up.. It could be he hasn't been drinking as much water, or too many sodas. One possibility is that his kidneys are getting tired of his anti-rejection drug. Then Dr. Silverman checked his mouth where he has been maintaining some Graft Vs. Host disease. Again, everything seems about the same. The kidneys could also have a touch of GVH, but we are going to choose to not eat that worm. Today we begin getting a rest from the Tacrolimus and it is time for me to go on sentry duty so to speak. Any worsening of his GVH symptoms and the Dr. wants to know posthaste. GVH in the organs is deadly, but then so is slowly killing them with drugs.

Mac will try to double his water intake. His kidneys will feel fresh and happy. Our worst fears will be unfounded. We will hope that this is just another corner that we are turning, finding our way as far from this disease as we can get ourselves.

We choose peaches.


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