Monday, June 21, 2010

I was thinking.....

Last night while we were driving home from a father's day visit with our oldest girl, I got to thinking. I had to do something was an hour and a half drive. So, anyway, I was thinking about the little farm. No surprise there, but I was again toying with the idea of how to pay it off in five years. That's the goal, five years!

First concept is, of course, winning the lotto. The problem seems to be that when I buy a ticket, God or fate, or karma, or the guy rolling the little balls out of the chute don't seem to have an interest in me winning. Which is a pity because this would be the fastest most pain free method of getting the job done. And then I would have extra to pass along. I could indulge in my concerns for Habitat for Humanity or the Heifer project or micro lending. It's a long line and we are all still waiting.

Then I was thinking that if I had a hundred thousand friends, well, they would probably just be acquaintances, wouldn't they?, anyhow, a hundred thousand friends and they each sent me a gift of $1.78 then the little farm would be mortgage free. But to be fair, when another one of the friends had such a project then we would all send to them. Where the logistics turn nasty is by the time a person's turn came up they could possibly be dead. So, I kind of ruled out getting a hundred thousand friends... er, acquaintances.

If I had thirty-five thousand , six hundred friends, okay they'd still be acquaintances, and they each sent me a gift of five dollars, then again it wouldn't be a burden to anyone and the little farm would be safe. Now we are much closer to being in the realm of the possibility of every one having a turn at the money mill. Now if I thought this through correctly, it would take two thousand, nine hundred and sixty-seven (rounded up) months for everyone to have a turn. Which would be a little over two hundred and forty-seven years.... okay, scratch that plan.

If I had seventeen thousand, eight hundred friends, acquaintances....... well-meaning onlookers, and they each sent me ten dollars then the little farm would be safe. Now if everybody got a turn at ten dollars per week, instead of a month, then it would take roughly three hundred and thirty-six weeks for everybody to have a turn. Which would be about six and a half years. Okey-dokey, now we're talking! This one could work! Now I just need a group of seventeen thousand eight hundred well-meaning onlookers. Let's see, I live outside of a town of about two hundred people. The two nearest county seat towns number around four thousand each give or take a little, and I feel relatively safe in saying that they aren't all well-meaning. Hmmmm, I think I have another logistics problem.

Let's see, If I had eight thousand, nine hundred total strangers give me twenty dollars for my birthday and I didn't give a rat's backside about ever reciprocating then the little farm would be safe.

Okay, next time I'm in town, I'll pick up another lotto ticket ........ unless, I could get a grant from the government to fund this as a feasibility study! That could work!


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