Monday, June 7, 2010


Lately things have seemed to be a matter of excesses....... really, really irritating excesses. I had gotten my one week of no rain but now the skies have once again opened. This weekend a town just south of us received around seven inches of the liquid stuff. The internet was down for the most of the weekend and when the internet wasn't down, blogger was.

The trench that we have given up on and now are just trying to get filled in had to have the water pumped out again... for the fifth time this spring.

Every effort made on projects that would make money have come to zero! The efforts that have been the most successful, have been the ones made in the cause of future aesthetics. Which really don't help the situation right now.

However, I have gotten a message from several different people. It is giving me some balance in the middle of my excesses. It was best expressed by my USDA officer Bonnie, "No matter how tough things get, hang on to this place. This place is special."

I think maybe she is right. I have noticed that the first thing people do when they get out of their cars, is to stop. Then they tend to turn around and just look. Then they breathe. I like to believe that they breathe in the specialness of the place... the magic.

Just gotta keep my balance.


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