Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Oftentimes the best gifts are in the smallest gestures. A heartfelt response that is too often ignored. I received such a gesture today and almost missed it. My darling girl, Pip and the occasionally evil pony Chloe were in the pasture waiting for breakfast. A day like any other day. When the two saw me crossing the yard to the feed can, the excitement began.

First the nickering and then the lower hoo-hoo-hoo. Chloe went and took her dominant feed me first stance, waiting and calling by the fence. Pip on the other hand, went clear up to the west end and stood by the gate. She waited and watched. First looking at me and then turning and facing the gate. Only after getting their rations ready, heading to the feeding area and giving her a call did she come down for her breakfast.

Now anyone that knows horses knows what a big deal it is when the invitation to come in and play is bigger then the desire to get your morning corn. It has been one of many gifts that this little mare has given me. Her heart is as golden as her coat. Her generosity of spirit is often my driving force to keep at it when everything else in my life says it's time to quit.

Some gifts just can't ever be repaid.


P.S. Sorry for my lateness.... another night of rain last night followed by another day of no internet service.

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