Monday, June 28, 2010

Level one

A miracle of sorts has happened or I should say will happen. According to the weather man, we have a five day forecast with no rain. Knowing that there will be some open windows of opportunity makes my to-do list become absolutely shrill! As usual, there is a hiccup. The great weather comes during the week and not the weekend. I will have to figure out how to do everything on my own. A couple of items will be a real bugger, like hauling around big 6x6 beams and tipping them into holes for the corner posts on the outdoor kitchen. Trying, yet again, to get the hobbit playhouse footing area ready. It would be far easier to work in the mud hole and have someone else on the top getting the stuff I need and sending it down to me. Hauling yourself continually out of the bog is extremely difficult .... and it tends to pull your pants off.

This morning while waiting for coffee, I perused some notes from the Kristi Smith clinic I audited. It jumped from the page for me. "Level one is about getting the task done---after level one, the goal is to get it done with RELAXATION!! That is what you need to get to upper levels---don't tolerate the brace! Brace will build up and fester!" Now I have found that a great deal that I learn from Parelli transfers to others parts of my life. I am definitely level one. I am definitely about getting the task done. So, now I need to find relaxation. If I don't my mind will never settle down enough to find a way to accomplish everything that I need to accomplish.

So, I just need to breathe, relax. Take the time it takes...and hopefully it won't take so much time. Once I do relax, it will come to me how to lift a 6x6 inch ten foot long post. Because if this doesn't get settled it's surely going to turn into a brace and it will fester. Just keep breathing.

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