Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wednesday, June 30

Wednesday, June 30, and it's another Dr. visit day. Another trip to Iowa City. For some reason, I am very tense about this visit. I don't know why. Things are maintaining. He did have to have additional blood tests last month because his kidney numbers were up. The concern of course is having GVH (graft vs. host) in the kidneys. Mac thinks that the GVH in his mouth is a little worse. His throat is more tender so maybe that is worse also. But then again, his perpetual drainage/sinus/allergy condition could have caused that soreness as well. His stomach is markedly better. Not even a hint of nausea this month and he is finding foods that taste good.

Can't say the same for me this morning. I have full out nausea myself. It is almost as if the trips to Iowa City are getting harder and harder for me. I don't want to leave the little farm. I know that any trip to Iowa City may not be a round trip. This is my safe place. This is good karma central. I really don't want to go today.

I'll just keep my mind on my to-do list.


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