Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I'm not afraid of looking stupid.

Actually, I have had a lot of practice looking stupid. But that's okay, because so far when the smoke has cleared I have ended up being right. When you go into a situation knowing that you are going to look stupid, you tend to spend the extra time making sure you ARE right.

Well, writing this blog has kind of lubed up my creative side and I have ideas for four books. Two are for children, one a merging of fantasy and reality and the last, kind of a guide to becoming a hippie. Unfortunately, they are trapped in the maze that is my mind. They just keep banging around and messing with everything else, but when I try to get them out, I totally seize up. It's not writer's block. Usually once I have my first sentence the rest just falls out. But, when I start to put a word on the paper, I realize how much I have riding on the effort. I'd have to compare it to when I buy a lotto ticket. I take forever to check and see if it's a winner. As long as I don't know, there is hope.

It's time to step up to the plate. I need a kick in the pants and I don't care if getting it makes me look stupid.

Yesterday afternoon, I e-mailed Oprah.com. I asked if someone there could read a little of my blog and give me a critique. It certainly made me feel stupid. But if it makes me better... if it gets me started... if I can get Mac and the little farm to be safe, then stupid is just fine with me. Stupid means you're actually out there risking something. Standing back and looking cool tends to be pretty worthless.

So, everyone, please, cross your fingers for me ... by the way, Oprah also publishes.


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