Saturday, May 15, 2010

Where to go from here?

I must admit that I have a pipe dream personality. I see myself as having big dreams about a small life. God knows I have been given my share of hurdles in my life, actually I should say "we", but somehow, planning a new dream has always been what saves me/us. So when I started this blog, I started reading the links provided on how to do well and be successful. I signed up for adsense.

Before ever learning about blogs, I was told by a friend that, "You should write a blog and make a million dollars!" But I checked into it and sure enough someone has. I don't want a million dollars, However I do want to somehow make enough money that if Mac needs to do early retirement then he can. I want to not have a mortgage or credit cards. I want to have enough hay for winter. Okay, I admit the covered arena is pretty frivolous but that's on the back burner anyway. The point of this is that I lost my adsense account. The first message I found said that it was due to invalid clicking. Then the e-mail I received said that "blogs of my type" tend to have invalid clicking. So apparently I did nothing wrong and my readers did nothing wrong.... I am just a "type".

So now I ask myself how should I proceed? First, I need to know that this is worth going on with. I would like some feedback if my readers could take the time to do so. Does anybody enjoy my blog or is it just more internet self aggrandizement? If this has been worthwhile to you, and I have to admit that it has been worthwhile to me.... then I will continue writing. One friend in the past suggested making it a subscribed blog but I have to say, I don't think there are enough free things in the world. I'll stay free but in the next couple of weeks I will tie in my paypal account and seek out sponsorships. I will tie in my Etsy store as well.

For those of you who don't know, I did write a children's story as a result of all this writing practice. It is read by a dear friend from Tasmania and set to pictures of her home farm. Her place is called Beauty Farm and that is no lie. So if you would like to hear it, go to youtube and search for "Adriana's Twinkle" Not the best in the world but I'll get better.

While losing adsense was a shock and did make me angry, I have to say the lose of $53.00 earned over a 62 day period is nothing to lose sleep over. Just another wallflower moment. So, if you are all willing to continue, then that is what we will do. Please leave your input in the comment box or the many of you who have my e-mail, feel free to contact me there.


P.S. I have a tune going through my head today... you know how that goes. It is a John Hartford ditty..... "Because of you I close my eyes each time I yodel........" You should find it, It;s awesome.


  1. louie
    i don't really go to blogs as i spend too much time on the computer just on the forum :) but i do visit yours to read.
    and every time i do, i love it.
    your writing is amazing!
    so i selfishly hope you keep at it.
    and i unselfishly hope you get your clicks counted ( i know nothing about that )
    good luck and best wishes to you!!
    teresa mcgill

  2. I do hope you keep on blogging.

  3. I am appalled that a valid blog such as yours, Louie, is being counted as not adsense-worthy. That truly sucks! I love reading your blog and look forward to seeing what's happening in soggy Iowa each day. Please keep blogging.

  4. Louie, keep blogging and keep telling stories. Adriana and the Twinkle is delightful. At some point, the ads will come looking for you, even if Ad-nonsense is not.

  5. Louie, count me in on those that read and love your blog. You are such a talented writer and have an innate ability to draw the reader into your world and see it through new eyes.