Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Gardening Basics

There are certain gardening basics that you have to deal with. Of course, it has to be the right temperature for the plant you are trying to grow. You have to consider length of growing season. What depth you plant the seed and throw in a little crop rotation. I have to admit that I was never told to make sure that you don't have a mouse in the garden.

I had assumed that my smaller seeds had gotten flooded out. Torrential downpours seem to be the norm right now. But when not one of my big ol' heavy bean seeds germinated then I started to really thing I had screwed up in a big way. I think that is a hint of a personal problem when my first thought was to doubt my ability to push a seed into the ground. Then yesterday while weeding, I heard some serious munching going on. About the third time I heard the noise, I saw the grass rustle and it was a mouse. Makes you wonder just how much the little buggers can eat, apparently a lot.

So, now amidst my gardening basics I will have to add mammalian pest control. Maybe if I got better at weeding then the neighborhood owl would get in there and eat the little nipper. I heard somewhere that ducks would even eat smaller mice. This makes me really like the idea of ducks, even though they are incredible poop machines. I suppose if I get sick of the duck I could eat it then. Because the mouse would be gone, my beans would come up and I could have my duck with green beans on the side.

So now the question is how do I plant seed while the varmint is still at large?

I think the answer might be to just go play with the horses instead. And then mow. And then find some lunch. Then I think I'll plant some more flowers. I might set out my red bud trees. I need to set out the jug for some sun tea today.

Yup! That's the plan! I'll just have a full day of avoidance.

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