Monday, May 10, 2010


The weather looks like crap today .... it looks like crap all week. It's turning cold again with a forty to fifity percent chance of rain everyday. The cloud cover is complete, grey and dismal. I'm pissed off!

While a truly genteel lady would not be pissed off, I am not one of that rarified breed. Pissed off is okay. When you're pissed off you're not depressed. That's a good thing. When you're pissed off you have some emotion that you can harness some activity to. Depression doesn't do that .... it just sucks the life right out of you.

So while I am pissed off and competent to make decisions and changes to my plan, that is what I will do. Here is decision no. 1. I'm moving the horse stuff to the back of the property. It's even more hilly there and difficult to bale hay so not usable that way. There is enough space to rotate grazing and have more area to run. I just have to figure out finding sufficient fencing materials. I will walk it one more time and then do some measuring to plan final layout of a small storage barn, run-ins and arena. Then I will pick the ticks off.

Second decision is to go ahead and plant shrubs and trees. I'll just stay out there until I can't stand the wet and cold anymore then come in and work on business related stuff indoors ..... after I pick the ticks off.

I still don't know how to proceed with the hobbit playhouse. Trench work when it is this wet is just plain dangerous. I don't mind being daring but I don't want to be stupid, so I might limit my activity on this one to bailing water and trying to stay ahead of the rainfall. At least, there's no ticks in the mud.

I have quite a few other decisions to make. So while the piss-o-meter is in full operation it is time to evaluate the to-do list. the more agitated a project makes me then the closer to the top of the list it goes. Hopefully everything that upsets me or keeps me from being productive will get taken care of soonest. Tasks that require a second set of hands will go on a list of their own. Then I will know what to concentrate on when a victim, I mean a friend shows up.

Maybe NEXT week the weather will be my friend. I can only hope so. I'll be ready for a good mood by then. Damn weather, anyway!


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