Thursday, May 27, 2010

subconscious loathing

I just woke up. I woke up a half hour early because of a bad dream. Why would my mind do that to me?! My own mind took a person that I basically loath and placed them firmly in my home. I invite strangers in my house. I like having people come to my home, but not people that I loathe.... screws up the karma. My mind knew better then to do this!!

Then my books were scattered about and thrown into piles. I mean really... MY BOOKS!

Then there was a change of location, because that's what dreams do, and it wasn't a place I recognized. The evil one wasn't with us but apparently was near by. Then in my dream, I looked out the door and there he was going down the road on Pip .... I mean ON PIP!! I tore down the sidewalk. I called her name. In her fear she turned to try to come to me. She tried to find comfort and he was sawing on her mouth with the bit. She finally fought her way to me. I was screaming at him and when he got even with me, I grabbed his leg and started to haul his sorry ass out of the saddle. I was trying to scream at him some more when I woke up.

Well, there is good and bad represented in my dream. The bad is of course, the wretched person and his ability to create havoc. The good is that this is the first time that I have ever been able to act against forces in one of my dreams. It's like my control and effectiveness are getting better. Just wish it hadn't caused me to wake up with chest pains.

Must make a note to self to always carry my sword when dreaming. It simplifies things.



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