Monday, May 17, 2010


This last weekend I finally got to see the movie "Julie and Julia". It got my brain started on a new tangent. Whose mouth do you put food into? Typically it's not an enemy unless, of course, you are trying to poison them. We put food into the mouths of the ones we are trying to nurture or that we love. You will say "Aha!, what about restaurants?!" Restaurants don't count.... they are food prostitution services. You get as good as you can afford and most of the time it's a cheap quicky.

Anyway, back to the movie. It got me to thinking how many times I have seen someone take a dollop of food on their finger and put it into someone else's mouth. Especially used in romantic comedies. Food in the mouth with fingers is the signal. It is either your child or your intimate companion. Food is the medium and the fingers are the brushstrokes. Anything on a cracker or celery stick is an introduction or playfulness. By the time you get to cream cheese and chocolate, it is seduction.

You want to up the anti, then after depositing the food in the beloved's mouth, you lick off your own finger. It is a food induced external french kiss! The french won't admit it, but I will. (Unless, of course you are dealing with a small child, then it's just gross, but necessary)

In personal context, food still doesn't taste good to Mac. He still can't savor. I never see him put a bite of something on his tongue and close his mouth , chew, wait, WAIT and there it is ... the ummmm. We rely on packages that go from the freezer to the oven to the table, stored under a coat of the protective ice, peel back the top, whore food. What makes it successful right now is that it has no smell. No smell, no texture, no ummmmm. I really don't touch it, let alone put it in someone's mouth, with my fingers. That's one of my realities for now, but hoping it will soon pass. My dark chocolate side is needing an outing.


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