Thursday, May 6, 2010

Busy, busy

Today we will bury ourselves in activities and rejoice in our escape. It felt like the time we spent at the Dr. office yesterday was the last step before ETERNITY! Of course, the more time that goes by after the labs are drawn, the more apprehensive you become. You start second guessing if they found something. Were the liver numbers off again? Did the platelets drop again? The mind just becomes a mill churning out depressing thoughts, one after another. It didn't help that he had a bit of a cold and a bruise. That's all it takes to send you headlong into depression..... a cold and a bruise.

The most horrible phrase in the english language has become, "We have a room for you". But we didn't have to hear that phrase! Woohoo!! Mac's platelets hit 97! That is the highest they have been in a year. That is double good news, because not only do we want platelets for the sake of platelets but the fact that they are increasing means the graft versus host is decreasing. Woohoo again! With the GVH decreasing then our hope is that it is the classic acute variety instead of the more dangerous chronic variety. So, all in all, it was a good, though stressful day.

Today, we will both be as busy as we can possibly make ourselves, because if we don't our thoughts will go back to a darker side. Mac has already told me that he won't be home until late, and I will go out before long and start bailing water to begin the work on the the hobbit playhouse. I hope it will go quickly. My motivation is seeing Edgar's little face when he first goes through the door. He likes small spaces. He loved playing inside of the fireplace before it was finished. And I can't wait to see him walking around the inside peering into every nook and cranny and sitting on the small furniture and crawling inside of the cabinet. He'll be smiling his little leprechaun smile. I'll get pictures, and I WON'T think about bills or doctors for another twenty-four days!!!


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  1. Yay to the platelets counts, really good news!