Saturday, May 8, 2010


Just the other day I felt like I was in control. This is always a mistake. Learn from the beginning that you are never in control! Control is an illusion. The best you can hope for is momentarily caught up. As I said, the other day I felt like I was in control. But all it took was two days with a flat tire on the lawn mower, a couple of days of rain and a low, low, low sunburn and I am buried.

The rain that we had came up with enough wind that keeping tarps tied down was impossible. What hay I had got wet and molded. I moved the ponies to the bigger lot to graze but with no hay to supplement, they are grazing it down pretty quickly. So what is the solution? build a shed? put up more fence? I need both but I have little time and few materials.

Then there is the planting that needs to be done. I have two hundred trees and shrubs that need to go in.... quickly. So being a brilliant person, I went on a lark with the neighbor lady, and we went and harvested ditch iris. I probably have about fifty or so iris to get into the ground now. I also found some great places to get some cat tails, lilacs and tiger lilies. Stupid me!!! All of a sudden, it has gotten to the place where even prioritizing looks like it is overwhelming. I'm not exactly sure how I did this to myself. I think it just happened, though I'm not sure. It was that or I assumed that things would go right the first time. I REALLY need to get over that mind set.

There was a glimmer in the darkness though. The neighbor's husband's knees are going bad. Well, it's a glimmer for me more then it is for him. But we have agreed to a labor exchange. He has the tractor, post hole digger and scoop. I have the ability to do the ground work, wade deep grass and pull off ticks. We just have to get ourselves organized. We will begin on May 20th. Of course, it is only penciled in but I have great hopes!! No hope of getting in control, just the plain everyday kind of hope.


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