Tuesday, May 18, 2010

An Old Broad's Fancy

Ahhh, it's spring and an old broad's fancy turns to yard work and horses. I did a little planting the other day but there is soooo much to get done!! The footing trench is once again pumped out and hopefully today it will get dried up some. I got a new sale flyer from DR power equipment. I am lusting after a walk behind field and brush mower and a chipper shredder. It's quite exciting! It can chip AND shred up to a three inch branch! I want wood chip mulched paths throughout my woods and the idea of buying that much wood mulch frightens me and leaves me trembling. I keep thinking that somewhere out there is a man who has chipped and shredded a couple of his fingers and out of anger and spite he donates his chipper /shredder to me! It's probably not the kindest form of wishful thinking but I can't help it. Kind of like when I was little and I would wish that my parents would see me get hit by a car because THEN they would be sorry! I'd better get rid of the sale flyer before my truly dark side comes out.

Back to the task at hand.... planting! I think I will start in front of the house where it is drier and work my way to the grassy areas as things dry out this afternoon. Some of the flowers will go in the little hobbit garden in front of the hobbit playhouse so I really need to get that project back on schedule. Well, just have to hope that we don't get inundated with rain again. I want to do some mowing as the ticks are getting a bit active now, but the ground is so wet. It gurgles and makes all varieties of wet slurpy noises as you walk across the yard. As the sun pops up there is a wet haze that hangs over the landscape. It's pretty now but later in the day the humidity will make you want to breathe through a strainer.

It was finally dry enough to play with the ponies yesterday. For now it is ...GAMES WITH THE HALTER! How exciting! Chloe used to be halter trained but after spending a prolonged period of time away from me, she no longer thinks this is an acceptable idea. Chloe is the ultimate skeptic. I have no doubt that she will choose the halter just as soon as she sees Pip accepting it. Especially when she sees that by taking the halter she gets to go for walk-about and get to graze the tall grass outside of the fence. So the pressure is on to get the halter on Pip, who basically is a feral horse that has just turned four. So far they both accept the halter on their faces. They both like the halter on their faces, because it comes with a lovely massage that makes them fall asleep, but neither will accept the strap going over the ears.

Working through this has convinced me that the most important thing we ever teach our horses is to accept the halter It's the first thing we do. We are starting from zero. This one task is what everything else we ever do is built upon. We are asking them to willingly accept an implement that can be used to force them into any dangerous situation that we can conceive of. I can see where a smart horse would want to think twice about such an agreement. So, we go slow. We play. As a horse lover the real goal is to be with a horse. I don't suppose it matters exactly how I choose to be with them.

Somehow my day will be broken up with planting, mowing, building prep and horses. I am so spread thin! But the days are numbered and there is just so much to accomplish. So many components in building the dream! All of them are important. There just isn't a way to not do it all. The dream is exposing itself, like Gypsy Rose Lee pulling away one ethereal layer after another. My life is full.


P.S. Keep checking the slideshow for the new photos. Daughter no. 1 posts them for me as I get them to her. Sorry I am just too busy to learn more computer stuff right now!

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