Saturday, May 29, 2010

Personal abuse

What a week! I have accomplished more this week then I have in a very long time. Most of it is thanks to my grandson, Edgar. Yes, Edgar left his red wagon at Grandma's house. Sometimes the simplest things make great achievements possible. Okay I didn't achieve anything great. What I did do was plant two hundred trees and shrubs. I moved close to twenty buckets of clay. About ten buckets of gravel. I also planted six or so clumps of iris and some other various flowers.

In short, I have abused myself! I have many body parts that are telling me so. The palms of my hands still feel normal, but everything else seems to have a complaint to voice.

The sad part of this is that, as I look out over the yard and all the places I have worked this week, I don't see one bit of difference!! Considering the time, considering the aches and pains, when I look over the court yard at the very least things should shine. The clouds should part and an angelic chorus should be heard.... "Aaaaa-men".

I'm trying to think just what should I do next that will make things LOOK better! I really need for something to look as if it has improved! For those who don't know... reality bites! For some people it has bigger teeth. I wouldn't mind the aches if I could just get my reality to start looking more like my fantasy. Never mind. I will get it there. I have to, because it just isn't in me to slow down and be the typical middle age woman with my collection of teacups and angel figurines. That would be the ultimate form of personal abuse.

No, no no! I know who I am. I am the warrior woman and pain means nothing to me.


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