Friday, May 7, 2010

Hobbit playhouse day 1

I had a good day yesterday. I felt completely and totally driven to get something done. So I told myself that I would go and bail out water and see what we had to deal with. That's what I did. It didn't take long. There was more muddy sludge then water in that corner because that is where the cave ins are the worse. So after briefly bailing water, I had to make a decision on whether or not it seemed good to continue. It did. Even with just standing on the dam the mud was slurping at my crocks. I made the decision it would just be wiser to go in barefoot. I kept telling myself that if this were a facial, I'd be paying money for it.

The mud was of a consistency that it was too runny to use a shovel and too thick to be able to toss with a bucket. I scooped it up with my hands and tossed it over the dam. I actually made pretty good time. Then it was time to climb out. The old crappy pants were getting pulled down by the mud and I probably had a good foot of pants leg going past my foot. this made climbing efforts pretty slippery. I also couldn't choose my footing as well. While the tops of the dam hadn't been bad to stand on the sides were total moosh. When I put my leg up to climb, all I accomplished was pulling more mud back in the hole. So, I tried another side of the hole. Still no luck. I checked my pockets to make sure I had my cell phone.... just in case. Then I tried the tallest and most secure side. Everything stayed in place. Climbing wasn't the easiest task, especially with muddy pants wanting to slip, slide, fall and basically not be controlled. But I made it!! Then I remembered all of the people that I ever heard of that died in a trench cave in. I reminded myself to not do that.

I got some old leftover foam forms and chucked them down the hole. Then I wondered just how badly did I want to go back down there. I was tired by now. I couldn't keep my pants up. I could feel a sun burn developing on my low, lower, lower back. Every part of me was spattered in mud and I was even sporting some mud encrusted dreadlocks. Not exactly my look but I was going to have to go with it for now. I knew I didn't want to have to go through digging it out again so I was going to have to get down there and stabilize the sides with the forms. Down I slid. I ended up having to dig back the dams a little but I got the forms in and wedged tight. Climbing out was much easier now that I had the edges of the forms to stand on. Then I started to carry some gravel to help seat the forms. I didn't carry much gravel as I wanted because I was tired and slimy and ready to call it a day.

I assessed my condition. I could not go in the house like this. The next stop was the garden hose. First was a matter of de-crusting my hands and arms. Then started spraying the outside of my pant legs. As the great rolls of mud came off the pants, I could roll them up and start spraying the mud from the inside of the leg. After that, I could spray my legs. It took awhile and my lower, lower back was really starting to sting. Finally got to where I thought I could make no more improvements on my self. So trundled along to the front door. Of course, the back door isn't exactly accessible yet. The front door was my only option. Keep in mind that I am now wet as well as muddy. So I stood on the front step for a moment and listened carefully. I didn't hear any traffic on the gravel road. I quickly undid my pants and dropped them on the step, wiped my feet on them and jumped inside the door. Felt like it took forever!

So that was my first day of working on the hobbit playhouse.... and last night it just rained down buckets!! I've apparently started another project designed to teach me character. Personally, I think I have enough damned character!


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