Thursday, May 20, 2010


Yesterday I went and picked up Edgar and brought him home. It took no time for me to enter a state of "forgetting".

We have a smaller pick up truck so Edgar's monstrously huge car seat went in the front seat, strapped in several different ways. Edgar was immediately engaged by the number of buttons, knobs and dials there were. Something he hadn't realized from the back seat. He kept pointing out the window and hollering... ah, the joys of riding shotgun! Then we got to the school and retrieved Mac. We had to fit Grampa in the teenny-tiny, itsy -bitsy fold down seat in the extended area of the cab. Thats' okay though because when Grampa would reach around and pat Edgar's face and make him giggle, he forgot all about the tiny seat.

As soon as we got home we set off to do chores. We got the feed and squirted in the vitamin E and went and put their "dinner" on their "plates". Actually, they eat off old dry wall mud bucket lids but I have every intention of getting proper feeding pans someday. Edgar helped me dump the feed and then we slid the plate under the fence. He gasped in awe watching the big creatures eat. Then that was so much fun that we had to pull grass and feed it to Pip and Chloe. Pip was soon trotting the fence line following Edgar. She knew a good thing when she saw it. He ran so hard his shorts slid down and he'd pause and grab them then wave his arm for me to follow. " 'Mon!", he'd yell. Being two, that is his version of "Come on". I totally forgot I was mad at Mac for forgetting his meds that day.

Up and down the hill we ran. Then we would see the horses and go back to them. Finally I picked him up and we had to go check on Grampa. Then we went inside and started supper, which he was too excited to eat. Edgar explored everywhere! Every button, was noted and whether or not he was told "no" when he hit it. The magnetic alphabet on the fridge had to located much, much lower. He squatted down and was amazed that the freezer was on the bottom. He was thrilled when I opened the fridge and he found the milk. And all evening I totally forgot that Mac had ever been sick.

Then Edgar wanted his shoes on, despite the fact that everyone was washed up and in their pajamas. So I put his shoes on him , thinking,"what could it hurt?" Then he brought my shoes to me. I put them on. He pulled on me until I got up, then he pushed me out the door and then he closed it. We walked around a little then headed back in. This happened several more times. The last time Grampa had to go too. After we got bustled out of the house, Edgar started down the tiny stone steps then turned around and went back in the house, leaving me and Grampa standing outside. We were waiting outside for him and I said to Mac, "Do you feel like Fred Flintstone being thrown out by the saber toothed house cat?" This apparently triggered a memory..... Mac rushed in the door, "Shit! I forgot he could reach the locks! We're going to get locked out!" We had forgotten!

As we came through the door there stood Edgar, totally pleased with himself, and giggling.


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