Monday, May 3, 2010

It's that time again...

Today is once again the most dreaded of times.... bill paying day. I am having my usual feelings, despair, anger, nausea. Usually before I start, I have to invest a certain amount of time in rationalization. Do my math in my head.... Mac makes this much... I need this much..... I need a way to find this much.....

Part of the despair is that I have been trying so hard to get my shop space built. And once again, just as the soil was to the point where it could be dug out, there was a culmination of events. 1) It rained down buckets!! 2) the pump stopped working 3) I got sick. So, the footing trench is flooded and caving in. I believe the word that I want here is SNAFU.

We can no longer wait on the plan. The plan has to change. So, yesterday I went out and walked off measurements and double checked site orientation. Then, I had a brilliant idea or two. I will change the layout of the garage slightly, make a pass through so I still have the access that I need. The site where the garage was going to go ... the site where we spent too much money preparing and getting dug out, will become a play yard for the grand kids. To avoid having to buy so much in the way of retaining wall blocks etc., we will take the materials that we already have, and build a hobbit play house into the berm. It will serve the same purpose and be way more fun.

What I see as one of life's cruel Ironies is that I don't have an occupation as creative problem solver. I can do a lot of stuff. I'm a creative person. But when life is busy biting you in the ass, it's kind of hard to be creative... but I can always seem to solve odd problems just because my brain needs to. When things get real tough, I draw house plans. If only I could make money as a result of the really strange way my mind seems to work. How handy would that be?!! It would be especially cool if the money earned was in direct proportion to how out of the box you were. I could be mortgage free in no time!! Hoorah for weirdos!

But until then, it's time to rejoin reality and go pay the bills, the nasty bills that eat people alive. I will go back and plan my little piece of the Shire tomorrow, when I am done with the despair, anger and nausea.


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