Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Next Step

It seems that today is the last day of family "stuff" associated with the funeral. The next step is to find our way back to normalcy. I have begun by looking at my tax statement and trying to figure out where to look for money. Never an easy task. I am afraid that the old truck will finally have to be sold for scrap. This is a last resort. I had hoped that I could hold it back until later so I would have it for christmas money. Oh well, best laid plans....

I do not want to think of money now... too much demand, not enough supply.

Instead I am trying to think about chickens, chicken poop and nitrogen. I'm thinking about improved forage. Of course, I must think about mushrooms. Winter preparations. Anything that is ahead of us, rather then behind.

As always, I will count on my horses to put me in the right place. They never fail to deliver.

After today the family will finish dispersing. Then it will be time to get busy. This doing nothing is killing me. Then there are the plans. There are always plans. There has to be..... I think that on Sunday, I will dig hostas.


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