Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Oh, Bugger!

Last night I decided I needed a more detailed sketch of my pasture layout. I have been digging enough holes that I was going to include every possible hole that I might need. Then I would put an X over each hole already completed. It was mostly an exercise to make me feel better about myself. To show how much was done. To show myself just how damn good I am.

The sketch is very tidy. A neat little diagram indicating that I have dug 19 holes to date, which is more then I thought I had accomplished. The down side is that the neat, tidy little diagram indicates I have a minimum of 25 more holes to dig. Oh, bugger!!

It seems I forgot a couple of brace posts and hadn't decided on gate location. Each gate takes a post on each side and each gate post requires a brace post, so four posts for each gate..... bugger again.

I am two post holes and a gate away from being able to fence the small pasture lot. I am an additional gate and ten more post holes from having the second pasture lot ready to fence.

When the hay gets cut and I get paid.... please, God, let the mennonite dude have a good check..... then I can pick up a gate, hopefully two... with a lot of luck, maybe three.

I'm getting tired and sore and I am sooo ready for a project other than fencing. Burning off the garden and loading it up with grass clippings and horse manure sounds fun! Burning the big brush pile sounds even better!!

So much to do and so little back bone! Oh, bugger!!!


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