Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Busy Days

Today I will have the kind of day that I hate having. A busy day. Not the good kind that is hard work and seeing something accomplished at the end of the day. Today will be driving forty-five minutes away to have a meeting that will accomplish nothing. Then, driving home again and being exhausted. Today I have to make phone calls. I hate making phone calls! Need to call Neighbor Dan to get in touch with a guy he knows who cuts wood. Need to call Neighbor John to see if he could put a big bale in with the horses. Then a call to Arlan the hay guy.

Then I need to go outside and see what I can do to put my mind right. With luck it won't be windy and I will be able to start burning another brush pile..... Mac may get hot dogs for supper.

Right now, I have to say, stuff really sucks!

I'll be so glad when things are to the point where I can play.... I need to play. In lieu of that, maybe a good book and a nice hard cider.

Oh well, today won't be the day, better to just run through the brambles and get clear of the patch.


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