Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Today I have to go to town. I need to go and pick up this month's groceries and will also need to get Mac's prescriptions filled for the month. I need to buy dog food too. Should probably put a little gas in the truck. I know that by the time I get home I will have spent around two hundred dollars. This makes me very stressed and on occasion, ill.

Today, this post, is my three hundredth post. Who knew I had so much gas!? That's a rhetorical question... don't answer it.

Since I started writing this blog, my rage level has dropped somewhat. Confrontation with the right kinds of people still send me through the roof. I can't blow things off like I used to. However, fears of Mac dying have diminished. The farther away from the doctors, the better I feel.

I'm not so far along on the little farm as I had hoped.... especially when it comes to fences. Fences and sheds are the back bone of a farm. You just HAVE to have them to get anything done. I still don't have a round pen, or a chicken coop, or the garden laid out the way I would like.

Too much takes either money, or physical strength or proper tools. I find myself lacking.

But we have hung on. We are stronger. The land is better. The weeds are down and the grass is thicker. We have started at clearing woods. Slowly, slowly we make a difference.

Today the high will be around 72 and last week it was in the 90's. We had an over night low in the low 40s. Today before I go to town, I'll try to work on digging post holes. Where there is life, there is hope. I really hope to get some fence in!

Today.... a lot could happen today.


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