Thursday, September 1, 2011


Kate is coming to our house next Sunday. She wants to help me get some projects done. I am fretting over outdoor projects the most, especially the horse projects. But I know there are so many garden and house projects that need to be taken care of as well. Trim that needs to go up. Brush piles that need to get burned. Composting. Caulking.

Then I look at my post hole digging project and wonder if I had a second set of hands... would the project move forward? I doubt it. Now if I had a tractor with a post hole auger then we would be looking at a much better possibility of success. I am so far behind the goal of two holes per day. It is suppose to be 98 degrees today, but all I can think about is winter.

Goals and projects lead to thinking of money..... how much could I get a jump on with a hundred dollars? ..... two hundred?.... five hundred? Should I spend for materials or labor? Is there enough for both?

I make myself crazy, because Kate is coming to help next Sunday. I'll check the weather. Then I'll make a list of three things to get done. Just three things. Three is better then the nothing I would get done by myself.

Just three things.


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