Sunday, October 2, 2011

Open House

We have had house guests... kind of. It was a dismal failure. There is nothing like having others around to open your eyes. We are used to the place. We are used to the box of tools by the door. We are used to the stack of lumber on the stairs. We are used to the oven, still in it's cardboard box. Most of the projects around the place will take about $90- $200. to complete, so there they sit.... waiting.

It was a strange thing to see people sitting in my house with an "Oh My God!!!" look on their faces. But there was no denying it. There is was like a billboard. We had pushed them to come see our home. We were so proud of everything we had done. But that was the kicker... it wasn't done.

I have been stewing over how I could have changed things. I can't think of anything, except, I should have worked harder. Currently, I am waiting for my neighbor to come over and help me dig the rest of my post holes. That nonsense has to stop. Who knows when his schedule will open up again. I'd better just continue. Tomorrow I have some book work to do. Then I need to go set some fence posts. Better make up my mind on gates. I can sit here and wish until hell freezes over and it still won't make the money appear for me to buy gates. Better find another way... time to work harder.

Mac and I talked about it last night. We've decided that we won't invite anyone else out until the place is done. Until then, it'll just be the club house for us and the grandkids. In the meantime.... I work harder.


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