Friday, September 9, 2011


I might have a new guy to cut my hay. He will give me a call beginning of next week. He is a young guy that is going to school to become a teacher. He is a mennonite. He has been teaching in a mennonite/amish school, where you don't have to be certified or licensed. I applaud that he wants to improve his education so he can pass it on.

We talked at length. He looked down my post holes. Said I was doing a lot of work. He also said that if I had wanted help with post holes, he and his family could have shown up and could have had fifty holes done in an hour or so .... AN HOUR OR SO? WHERE WERE YOU TWO WEEKS AGO!!!

We will work a different deal then I had before but it should give me some cash to get things done... not a lot of cash, but some.

We talked about grasses, soil depletion and fences. We talked about horses. When I mentioned laying out my round pens, he asked if I would use them to break my horses. I kind of chuckled and told him that, "we do not break horses". He tried out some other verbs. I told him "we train horses, so they have better options for surviving in the human's world". Then he chuckled.

Perhaps this is the way this will work out for us... better options all the way around. I will know by the beginning of next week.


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